The Validating RDF Parser (VRP)

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The ICS-FORTH Validating RDF Parser (VRP v3.0) is a tool for analyzing, validating and processing RDF schemas and resource descriptions. The Parser analyses syntactically the statements of a given RDF/ XML file according to the RDF M&S Specification (more precisely, the updated syntax proposed by W3C Recommendation 10 February 2004). The Validator checks whether the statements contained in both RDF schemas and resource descriptions satisfy the semantic constraints derived by the RDF Schema Specification (RDFS). Unlike other available RDF parsers, VRP is based on standard compiler generator tools for Java, namely CUP (0.10j) and JFlex (1.3.5) similar to YACC/LEX. The stream-based parsing support of JFlex and the quick LALR grammar parsing of CUP ensure a good performance, when processing large volumes of RDF descriptions. For this purpose, the VRP validation module relies on an original object representation, separating RDF schemas from their instances.

Main Features


The VRP is currently available under the RDFSuite license. It has a runtime and a source distribution both requiring Java(TM) 1.4. To run the VRP, see the Installation Instructions.

Known Issues

When the subject (say x) of a property instance (say (x,y)) of a property (say P) is not classified under the correct class (i.e under the domain of P, say A), VRP will report a misleading error message stating that y is not classified under A, whereas it should report that x is not classified under A.


The author of the software is Karsten Tolle. Sofia Alexaki has implemented the RDF/S Statistics module and Ta Tuan Anh and Marios Giannilos the RDF to SVG filter.


Copyright ICS-FORTH (Institute of Computer Science - Foundation of Research Technology Hellas - Greece)


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Last modified: June 23, 2004